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At Mantis 3D, we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge content solutions to elevate your property listings and captivate potential buyers like never before. Our comprehensive suite of services includes professional photography, immersive Matterport 3D virtual tours, captivating drone footage, and expertly crafted property videos. We understand the importance of online visibility, and that’s why our team of seasoned experts diligently curates each piece of content to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your brand image, giving you the cutting edge in today’s fast pace real estate market. Whether you’re a real estate agent, a property developer, or an Airbnb Host, our goal is to help you showcase the true essence and allure of your properties, thereby maximizing your online reach and driving tangible results. We’ll make sure your listings stand out in the vast digital landscape, making a lasting impression on potential buyers and leaving them eager to explore your offerings. Experience the power of tailored real estate media solutions that transform mere listings into captivating visual stories, attracting the perfect buyers and elevating your business to new heights. Partner with us today, and let’s shape the future of your real estate success together!

How is a Mantis 3D Model Created?

Our 3D Camera is placed in multiple positions throughout the space. In each position, the camera rotates with its built-in motor to gather data in 360 degrees. The data is then uploaded into the cloud for processing. It typically takes 24 hours for the data to be processed into a Model. The Model is then available to be shared online with a web link or embedded directly into a website.

How is a 3D Virtual Tour Different from a Traditional Virtual Tour?

A traditional virtual tour isn’t really virtual. It’s just a gallery of stationary panoramic photos. Although techniques vary, most traditional tours don’t allow the viewer to move around within the space. At the very most, traditional tours offer 10 individual locations to view the space. Traditional photographers use DSLR cameras to capture multiple photos which are then stitched together to form a panorama which is viewed from a player.

Our 3D virtual tours allow the viewer to explore the space in up to 200 locations that are seamlessly stitched together. We use high tech Matterport 3D cameras which have 12 cameras and sensors to not only capture photos but to create a polygon mesh. This mesh is rendered into a dynamic 3D model which can be explored online or even with a virtual reality headset such as an Oculus Rift! Plus, our 3D models also show a “Floor Plan View” as well as a “Dollhouse View” to allow the viewer to conceptualise the space.

How do I Embed a 3D Showcase into a Website?

Embedding a model is very straightforward; it’s similar to embedding a YouTube video. Simply copy and paste the HTML code that we will provide. If you’re not feeling too tech savvy, we can help you.

How Large of An Area Can be Scanned?

200 scans would be enough to build a model of an area up to 15,000 square feet. That can vary, depending on the layout of the property and furniture.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Scans in a Model?

A model can be made from up to 200 scans.

Which Browsers are Compatible with the 3D Showcase?

The 3D Showcase uses WebGL, the modern standard for 3D content viewed on the web. On desktop computers, WebGL is supported by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. On mobile devices, WebGL is supported by Safari for iOS 8 and Chrome for Android. If you can’t view the Virtual Tour, please update your browser.

Scanning Process

How Long Does it Take to Scan a Typical Space?

It typically takes 30-40 minutes for every 1,000 square feet. Each individual scan takes about 1 minute.

What Should I do Before the Appointment?

You do not need to provide anything for us to make the virtual tour. Everything in our virtual tours are created digitally.

Please have the space in a condition suitable for scanning before the scheduled appointment. We would prefer to not spend time during the appointment cleaning or rearranging furniture.

Please provide instructions in the appointment scheduling form on how to access the property.

What Should I Do During the Appointment?

You are not required to be on site while we scan the property. The scanning process is very time consuming and most real estate professionals either provide a lockbox code or unlock the property themselves then leave us to complete our work.

Before the scanning begins, decide which rooms and spaces will be included in the model. We open doors and turn on lights as we go to to create a consistent space suitable for scanning. Once the scanning begins, it is best to not have anyone in the area to avoid accidentally featuring YOU in the virtual tour. Please be aware that it is a very time consuming process which often takes a few hours to complete. We are very thorough in our approach to ensure that we provide the best quality model the technology allows.

What Should I Do After the Appointment?

All of the data captured by the camera is uploaded into the cloud to be processed. This typically takes 24 hours. Once the model is ready to go, we will send you a link to view your model along with an HTML code (iframe) which can be embedded directly into a website similar to embedding a YouTube video.

We will do everything we can to ensure that the model is complete and accurate the first time. Occasionally we must return to re-scan parts of the home. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your model, we will re-scan the space at no additional charge.

What if the Weather is Bad on the Day of the Appointment?

Our 3D cameras use High-Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDR) allowing the camera to adjust to changes in light so both light and dark areas can be captured at the same time. This means that a space is good for scanning even on cloudy days. As long as there is interior lighting, the finished project will look as good as a model created on a sunny day.

What is Mantis 3D's Cancellation Policy?

Should you need to cancel, please do so more than 24 hours before the appointment to avoid an additional fee.

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