Property Booster : Reach thousands of consumers searching for your property!

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In an effort to bring more value to our clients, we are always monitoring your marketing obstacles to see where we can help you the most. An occurrence that we kept seeing time and time again, is agent’s spending money on our advanced and highly engaging marketing pieces and not getting the traffic those marketing pieces deserve and can very easily obtain when promoted the correct way.

If you print put a thousand flyers, are you going to send them out put them in front of the house and hope people passing by stop and grab one?

Our property booster product was created to help our clients target their audience so those who are truly in the market and qualified to complete the purchase can view and interact with our marketing pieces. We go out and seek those individuals who are ready to make a purchase too many agents cross their fingers and hope the right buyer runs across their marketing in the billions of content they sort through everyday.

With that being said we guarantee 2000 views on any property for $100. This is a product we truly created to help you get your content into the right hands and onto the right screens.

Digital Marketing VS Print Advertisement

Print Advertisement: No Measurable results                                                                                                                                                     Digital Marketing: Real-time results monitoring | Guaranteed results

So you have a property to market….you pay for photography and go to your local print shop and get 1000 flyers made. That will probably run you $250 approximately. Now you have to pay someone to walk around and put them on people’s doors. 100 flyers gets passed out in 1 hour, @ $10 an hour your going to pay $100 to pass out these flyers or you can go to the post office and spend $32 and automate the process but double your mail to trash can rate. You will NEVER know how many people look at that print advertisement and how many of them just toss it within the first glance. You just spent $280-350 and you will never be able to measure your ROI.

Since the creation of digital marketing, not only can you create high targeted ads that track clients interests and behaviors across their web browsing experience and cater your specific ads to people who meet the criteria to make a buying decisions and raise your conversation rate. You can also monitor your campaign around the clock and see real time results, adjusting the keywords and audiences based on ad performance.

Not many agents know how to run effective online campaigns, so we take care of the headache for you. Your welcome.


Mantis 3D Visits Valley High School

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Today Mantis 3D visited Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA to demonstrate our 3D technology. Teaming up with High School Inc. investing in the youth to show them examples of exciting new career paths in the growing industry of Virtual Reality. The virtual reality sector has exciting new product coming out this year such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. 360 degree spherical camera’s seem to be the up and coming devices of 2016 such as Bubl Cam which simultaneously takes multiple image and video capture to be uploaded and stitched together using post production software.

You can see an UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL virtual tour example of our presentation by viewing this link presentation.

Valley High School is believed to have one of the largest auditoriums in the Santa Unified School District.

In 2006–07, the school was remodeled for the first time in its history. During this time, all students used the Godinez Fundamental High School campus, which had just been built and was currently operating under the name ‘Valley West High School.’ This remodeling project included the construction of a brand new olympic size swimming pool and the installation of air conditioning in some of the classrooms. 888-544-6055


The Rise of Virtual Augmentaiton

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Matterport began selling the application platform for realtors in July 2014. So far, MP said that the company has sold thousands of VR cameras to real estate agents, and those videos are getting about 1.2 million unique views per month. Most of the major brokerage companies are customers.


Matterport has raised $56 million to date, and it now has more than 80 employees. And Brown said the company is starting to target other markets for its technology, such as e-commerce, advertising, retail, architecture, travel, construction, insurance, entertainment media, and journalism.

MP said that the macroeconomic environment for raising money for a virtual reality company is strong.

“It’s the development of a new medium, and it’s important to establish a position within that ecosystem,” Brown said.

Matterport Spaces, as the VR experience is called, works on VR platforms such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard, as well as through its browser-based app, called 3D Showcase, which allows all of Matterport’s immersive content to be viewed today on PC and mobile.

I’ve seen how it looks, and it definitely gives you a feeling for what a place looks like. If you want to see the inside of a house, Matterport can save you a trip. But it can also take you some place you’ve always dreamed of going. If Matterport can build on that, then it could have a bright future.