The Rise of Virtual Augmentaiton

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Matterport began selling the application platform for realtors in July 2014. So far, MP said that the company has sold thousands of VR cameras to real estate agents, and those videos are getting about 1.2 million unique views per month. Most of the major brokerage companies are customers.


Matterport has raised $56 million to date, and it now has more than 80 employees. And Brown said the company is starting to target other markets for its technology, such as e-commerce, advertising, retail, architecture, travel, construction, insurance, entertainment media, and journalism.

MP said that the macroeconomic environment for raising money for a virtual reality company is strong.

“It’s the development of a new medium, and it’s important to establish a position within that ecosystem,” Brown said.

Matterport Spaces, as the VR experience is called, works on VR platforms such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard, as well as through its browser-based app, called 3D Showcase, which allows all of Matterport’s immersive content to be viewed today on PC and mobile.

I’ve seen how it looks, and it definitely gives you a feeling for what a place looks like. If you want to see the inside of a house, Matterport can save you a trip. But it can also take you some place you’ve always dreamed of going. If Matterport can build on that, then it could have a bright future.



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