Today Mantis 3D visited Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA to demonstrate our 3D technology. Teaming up with High School Inc. investing in the youth to show them examples of exciting new career paths in the growing industry of Virtual Reality. The virtual reality sector has exciting new product coming out this year such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. 360 degree spherical camera’s seem to be the up and coming devices of 2016 such as Bubl Cam which simultaneously takes multiple image and video capture to be uploaded and stitched together using post production software.

You can see an UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL virtual tour example of our presentation by viewing this link presentation.

Valley High School is believed to have one of the largest auditoriums in the Santa Unified School District.

In 2006–07, the school was remodeled for the first time in its history. During this time, all students used the Godinez Fundamental High School campus, which had just been built and was currently operating under the name ‘Valley West High School.’ This remodeling project included the construction of a brand new olympic size swimming pool and the installation of air conditioning in some of the classrooms. 888-544-6055